The Wallflower

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The Wallflower

Vertical Vegitation Refined

Turn your unused walls into highly productive and resource efficient microfarms!

The Wallflower System is unlike any vertical farming method ever created. Made in the USA from 100% polyethylene and weighing just 1.4 pounds dry, Wallflower panels are built for producing food anywhere. Each panel grows nine plants with all the benefits of soilless cultivation and vertical farming, but none of the headaches associated with towers or other common techniques.

The Wallflower system is constructed to work with both aquaponics and hydroponics, as the sole means of growing plants or integrated into a more complex system. Each panel is gravity fed, and features nine individual plant reservoirs that ensure every plant’s roots are in constant contact with both air and water - even if the power goes out. This also keeps root masses separate and mobile, so planting, harvesting, and rearranging are done in seconds. No more ripping through media every time you move a plant!

Already have a pond or freshwater aquarium? Pipe in Wallflower panels and use it to grow food or ornamental plants. Panels attach easily to walls of any kind, as well as fences and PVC or wooden frames. With our patent-pending collapsible gutter system, your living wall does not even need to be near your fish tank or nutrient reservoir. Simply run a pvc return line and farm anywhere!

Making Aquaponics Accessible

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a distributed food production system that is more resilient, resource efficient, and farmer friendly than the current paradigm. Our technology makes soilless farming and gardening more accessible through the thoughtful design, manufacture, and implementation of a system that scales effortlessly, eliminates real estate costs, and makes more locations viable for plant production than ever before.


Are you an educator or school administrator seeking to integrate aquaponics within your curriculum? Second Nature offers special educational prices and support packages to schools producing edible vegetation aquaponically and hydroponically. Please send us an email to see how Second Nature can contribute to your students' education!

The First Generation

Ready to outgrow the competition? First generation Wallflower units are now available online!

Wallflower panels are fully functional, but may vary slightly from those pictured. Please be generous with feedback. Let us know if the product is not performing as expected, what features you would like to see added, and any other changes you think would benefit Wallflower growers. The more feedback we get, the better product we can release. Please support and help us grow!

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